Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was just perfect. We finally went on a hike, which is something I've been wanting to do since I moved here. It was a short hike, we only did Ensign Peak, but it was beautiful. I love the outdoors, and yesterday made me miss girls camp, living on a ranch and hunting. One of my favorite things about the mountains is seeing the long grass moving with the wind. It's as if it is making a silent musical melody with it's movements. I also loved seeing the various flowers and bugs. Once we got to the top Chauncey and I had a mini picnic. We talked and looked out at the Salt Lake Valley. We could see state street and how far it went. We could see everything. It was breathtaking.

Many of my friends on facebook have already seen a shorter version of this story, but I thought I would elaborate on it. As we were leaving, Chauncey and I were stopped by an older man. He said "Hey! I want to ask the little girl something" I really wanted to look around to see if their was some small child around us, but there wasn't. Which meant he was talking to me! I know I look young, and yesterday I looked younger than usual with two pigtail braids, but really...a little girl? Anyways, so we stopped and he said "I have a riddle for you" (pointing at me). I said okay...and he gave me some silly riddle about how does a bike stand by itself or something. To be honest I don't remember what it was about. I said I don't know and he gave me the answer. Chauncey and I chucked and started walking to our car. Once we were about to pull away he pulled up next to us in his car and gave us another riddle! It was really strange. So there's that story. Now for pictures!

Just getting started

The view from the top

At the top!

Pretty mountains


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hey look, something I actually want to write about!

Marked by interest in or preoccupation with oneself or one's own thoughts as opposed to others or the environment; shy or reserved.
So if you know me, then you know I am quiet. I would definitely describe myself as an introvert. I also know this because I had to do one of those silly personality quizzes in one of my classes at school, and it described me as an introvert. Anyways, I saw this article today that a facebook friend posted.

All of those things pretty much describe me. At heart, I am a listener. I don't talk to people very often unless I know them pretty well or if they talk about something I am passionate about (The Office, teaching, maybe cooking). I very much dislike large social gatherings, unless they are with people I know very well. I have only a few select friends; I would much rather have one or two close friends rather than a lot of friends.

So if I'm not very talkative around you or it seem like I don't want to hang out or whatever, I'm sorry. I am just introverted.

Pretty much.