Tuesday, February 26, 2013


so i've been trying to write in this blog more. i consider it like my journal, because i really really dislike actually writing in a journal. i should, i know i should try to write in an actual journal for my prosperity and all that jazz, but it's hard. so for now, this is my journal. i guess i could print it all out and call it a journal right? yeah...let's just do that. 

so anyways, yesterday i had this great post planned out.....and it got deleted. it was about establishing good habits in the home. to sum it up, chauncey and i recently started making habits to better ourselves as future parents and to be better people in general. some of the habits we've established are simple things that we should've been doing all along, but life happens.so here they are:
  •  reading the scriptures every night. we just started reading the BOM last year, and it is awesome, seriously. our marriage is stronger, there is less contention in our home and we are happier. (don't get me wrong, things were fine before that, but reading the book of mormon really made a huge difference.)
  • having FHE every week. sometimes it seems hard to do FHE with just the two of us, but we figure that if we start now, then it will be easier to do when we expand our family. it is also nice because it invites the Spirit even more into our homes, and our lives. 
so far, with just doing those two things habitually, we have become so much happier. and we were already extremely happy! it has been wonderful :) i'm so grateful for chauncey, i tell him that every chance i get. but he has been so good at making sure we continue with these things, especially reading scriptures. we are over halfway through with the BOM and we have learned so much. i know that by doing these things we are becoming more and more prepared to bring little bundles of joy into the world. and i cannot wait for that day :)

p.s. i cannot believe i've been married for TWO years to this awesome guy. time flies, but we are having a great time and i can't wait to see what these next two years will bring. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Keeping up with Jenni and Chauncey

so this post was going to be called "Keeping Up With The Berholds"...but let's be real, i did not want anyone to think of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" when they read that title. just saying. anyways, sorry for not writing in so long. life hasn't been all that busy, but the blogging world wasn't really calling my name and i didn't have much to say. lately we have been just going to school (chauncey goes to classes on electrical engineering to see if he wants to pursue a master's degree in that field) and of course i'm going for my education degree. i don't work at red robin anymore, i quit because i wanted to focus more on school. chauncey is still working at L-3 communications, and even has a mentor! (in all honesty, its a bromance. chauncey comes home and tells me all these exciting conversations he had with his "mentor"). i think it's great, he's learning a lot from this dude.

as many of you might know, chauncey and i have been serving in the primary for over a year. i absolutely love it. recently i was called to be first counselor in the primary presidency! i was kind of surprised, but not at the same time. it is my first "big" calling, so i am still learning. but it is fun, and i love being apart of primary. those kids are so great, and i learn from them all the time.

 anyways, i should get going. but here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months. expect another post soon about establishing good habits in the home.

(they aren't' exactly in order.)
we went to disneyland for our 2 year anniversary!

LA temple

halloween last year, i dressed up for work (raggedy anne)

lots of chauncey's cousins got married

i was able to catch up with old friends

and we got our christmas tree