Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank You Dunder Mifflin.

Last night...was so intense. I laughed, I cried, I gasped...It seems so silly that all of this was just over one tv show. But this tv show was my favorite show, of any show I've ever seen...and you know what, that's not an exaggeration, because it's true. The Office is a show that I can watch over and over again. Those characters were there for me when I needed to laugh. Jim and Pam's marriage was one of the best examples I could've had. Michael was like a best friend that I loved, even with all of his many annoying habits. Dwight...well Dwight was the best, because he was a true friend. Even with all of the pranks that Jim threw at him and the hard exterior, he really loved his co workers. I almost feel silly saying this, because it was just a tv show to some people, but to me...last night was like saying goodbye to an old friend. I won't apologize for loving it.

So...with all of that being said, here are some (there is no way I could fit them all in...that's what she said) of my favorite moments from the office. They aren't in order or anything. (This will be a long post...So yeah.) Also, if you haven't seen last night's episode, there are spoilers ahead.

Holly was so perfect for Michael!

How could you not love this moment!

I love Dwight.

Everything about  the"Goodbye, Michael" Episode was perfect.
Cried here too.
It's weird that I put this one on here, because I hated that moment so much, but at the same time I loved it. I was crying with Pam because it felt so real...Couples fight, and it was nice to know that Jim and Pam weren't perfect.

Classic. "He put my stuff in jello again!"

Ryan started the fire!

There are no words to describe how happy I was.

"So, from time to time, I send Dwight faxes from himself from the future." - Jim

Prison Mike.

I know all the words to this "rap". Sorry not sorry.

"Satchel" Definitely one of the best openings. It totally describes Stanley!

This was...just..perfect.
I was so happy to see Michael I literally started crying. Also because everyone said he wouldn't be there. 
This was such a Michael thing to say. I loved it.

Work bus was probably one of the best episodes from Season 9
And of course, My all time favorite prank.

Thank you, for everything.