Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Goin' On.

Oh hey, just thought I would write a post since it's been like a week and there has been a lot going on. I had my interview last Tuesday for America First, it went pretty well and I'm still waiting to hear back, but unfortunately I don't think I got it...I don't know why, I'm just trying to not get my hopes up. 
Chauncey also had an interview very recently for an internship! He had applied at the company before, but didn't get it (which turned out to be a huge blessing since he was so busy with school last spring.) Anyways, he ended up getting the internship! We are so thrilled, it'll be wonderful. So hopefully I'll get my job and then we'll be set! 
So that's kinda it for now. Life is good, we are happy and loving married life!