Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Fair!

Well last night Chauncey and I decided to go to the fair. I love the state fair, and I've never been to a Utah state fair so I really wanted to go, especially since we missed last years. We got discounted tickets through Deseret news (2 for 12! not bad! Especially since at the gate they are 10 each.) But by the time we got over there and parked, we realized that we had no cash :( I haven't put money on my debit card yet so we couldn't even withdrawal, and Chauncey's was expired. But we did get to ride a few rides (good thing they accepted credit cards) and we had a fun time walking around and looking at the animals and shops.
Oh and we went to a show....he was a HYPNOTIST! We have been watching a lot of The Mentalist on TV, and in the last episode we watched, Jane hypnotized Lisbon. So because of that I decided that I  REALLY wanted to get hypnotized. So we sat down, and then he started the show. He started by doing some hypnotist tricks on the whole audience, and then told us to close our eyes and not talk to the person next to us. He then said imagine there is a book on your hand, the book is getting heavier and heavier and there is a string on your other with a baloon and that hand is getting lighter and lighter. Anyways, I was really into it and I felt my hands going in different directions, then a lady grabbed my wrist and said you've been chosen to go on stage! I was so excited! I've never been chosen before. So I went on stage, and I had to wait for other people to be chosen. Then Chauncey was chosen! (Which was funny since he didn't want to be hypnotized, he doesn't like not being in control of his body) But he wasn't allowed to sit next to me. Soon enough, he had enough volunteers and we were able to start the show. It was the weirdest feeling being hypnotized. It was like I was asleep. When he shot a tickle gun at us I could really feel him tickling me (even though he wasn't really doing anything). He also made us think we won the lottery, and we were on So You Think You Can Dance. It was a really interesting experience. I had a lot of fun :) Overall, it was a great date night! So here's some pictures from that :]


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