Thursday, September 15, 2011

My last post for today, i promise.

Really though. I'm so excited. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. Heavenly Father is definitely watching over me. So last night I applied online at Olive Garden and America First Credit Union. They were both hiring, but I really wanted the America First job, it would be RIGHT by the house, and it's 30 hours a week, and I wouldn't have to work on Sunday. Perfect! So I didn't expect to get a call right away, especially since I applied online. Anyways, I was going to call tomorrow to check up. But I ended up not having to wait because I just got a call from America First! They offered me an interview for next week! I'm so excited :) So yeah, wish me luck :] I could use it.


Samantha Janeous said...

YAY! I'm so so so so happy for you!

Jenni+Chauncey said...

thanks!! :)

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