Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feeling Pretty Awesome

So as some of you may have known from facebook, I had an interview today at Macy's. I really really didn't want to work there. I had applied there and at Red Robin, and I was going to apply at more places this week (especially if i didn't hear from those two places.) Anyways, I had an interview scheduled today for Macy's. I REALLY didn't want to work there, but I figured as a temporary job it would be okay. So I went in, looking cute and whatnot (especially with my new haircut!) and we started the interview. I was unimpressed from the start. First off she answered the phone like 3 times, interrupting my answers. Second off, the room we were in allowed people to come in whenever during the interview. Third, she was a jerk. So she asked the questions, I answered correctly. The WHOLE time she seemed super bored. So five minutes in, I decided that even if she offered a job to me I wouldn't accept. Anyways, I asked if I was hired if I would be seasonal or permanent. and she said she had to check what they had available. First off, if you're doing an interview, you should know what jobs you're hiring for. Idiots. Anyways, she went to check and she came back and was like "oh we are only hiring it was nice meeting you! Thanks for your interest in Macy's." I was like whatever, and walked out. So then I decided to go check the status of my application at Red Robin, especially since I was already dressed up, and that was my first choice for work. So I went in, I talked to them and as one of the girls was setting up a time for an interview, the hiring manager came in and asked if I was there for an interview. I said no I was only checking the status of my application. He then went back and checked for my application and said are you available right now? So he interviewed me right there, and said it was a good thing I came in because he had set my application aside to call me anyways. Anyways, I felt like it went really well. I'm super excited. :] Wish me luck!


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