Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Weekend.

Well here's the summary of our weekend. On Friday we ended up not going to the concert because it was raining so bad, and the concert was outside. So we just did our own thing. We first looked at Halloween costumes and decided that we would try being little red riding hood and the bad wolf.

So something like that, but not so scandalous on my part, and Chauncey won't be in a full wolf outfit, but he is thinking of doing pajamas like that. it should be exciting. 
After we looked at costumes we went to Hollywood connection and did some mini golfing. It was pretty fun, we decided to make it a challenge, so instead of just regular mini golfing we did granny style, backwards granny style, pool style, we used our foot instead of a club and some other things. it was really entertaining. 
On Saturday we shopped on ebay, ran some errands and did some lawn work. Then we went to watch the game with another married couple, it was great! We haven't hung out with a ton of married couples, and we've been wanting to. It was a lot of fun, we had some food and had fun talking with each other. The game was great of course, Utah won, but after awhile we all kinda felt bad for BYU. Oh well though. So Utah won, 54 -10. Poor byu, we crushed them. There were a lot of turn overs too. But my overall favorite part was in the beginning. here's a video. The first 15 seconds....priceless. That's all I really wanted to show, but you can watch all of it if you'd like. There shouldve been highlights of byu in it just to be fair, but there weren't that many to show ;) hahaha okay I'll stop being mean.


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