Thursday, September 1, 2011


Okay, so in my last post I mentioned how the bus ride was AWFUL and I said that it was another story. Well, I feel it's time to share that story. So I was at my class at SLCC when I decided to not wait for Chauncey to take me and just take the bus to get my hair done. The Paul Mitchell School was like 20 minutes away via car, so it's like an hour away via bus. I looked up what routes I should take on the UTA site. I waited for the bus and got on, and everything was fine. I had to make a transfer at a trax station, so I waited for the second bus to come. I started to get worried so I looked at the times, and guess wasn't going to come for another HOUR. (Usually on the weekdays the buses come every 15 minutes.) I guess I looked really confused/upset because this nice man asked what bus I needed. He then told me that this other bus went almost the same way. I decided to check with the bus driver to make sure, and she said that she would be going right in front of the for the creeper. While all of this was going on, there was a man that paced 10 feet away from us, talking to himself. I didn't know him, and he kept talking towards me...It is not a secret that there are creeps on trax or the bus, so it's always best to just ignore them and keep to yourself. And that's what I did. Well he ended up on the same bus as me, but I didn't think anything of it....UNTIL he started talking about me and saying the f word! At first I was like, no he's not talking about me...then I realized that I was the only "blonde, white girl with a black shirt on" on the bus at the time. So for 15 minutes I had to listen to this creep say all these rude things like "That blonde white girl is an effin jerk, she told me to stay away from her. Eff her, I'll do what I want little blonde girl" (obviously he was saying the real F word) After 15 minutes I decided I was close enough to my destination (hopefully, since I had never been there via bus before) and I got off. As I was getting off he began to yell "That's right! Get off the bus you effin little white girl!" I was really freaked out. So yeah, that's why the bus trip was so bad :( Hopefully my bus endeavors today won't be as bad.


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