Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Change Can Be Good!

Well, I was really really nervous today when I went to get my hair cut. I was going to wait for Chauncey to take me, but I couldn't wait any longer so I just decided to take the bus (which was awful for about a million reasons, but that's another story.) Anyways, I went to Paul Mitchell Hair School because it was cheap and I wanted to give them a second (another long story) chance. I got there and I met the lady that would be cutting my hair. At first I was scared because she was a phase one student (phase two students are closer to graduation and phase one students are still learning a lot) but i didn't say anything. She had a teacher guiding her through the haircut so it took a good two hours. But back to the beginning of the haircut experience; I sat down and they decided to just cut the ponytail off before they washed it (to make it easier to wash and so the ponytail dry.) I wanted to donate my hair, but since it was highlighted they couldn't take it. BUT the school was able to use it for hair swatches so at least it'll get used for something. After they cut the ponytail i felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders (literally, not metaphorically), my head felt so light! I loved it. But I was also really sad, I felt like crying haha. I've had long hair for years now, so i was really sad to see it all go (I was really proud of myself for not crying though, last time I cut my hair off I cried big time).We then washed my hair and I got the best scalp massage ever. Then it was time for the haircut (like i said, it took soooo long). At first I was scared, but as she started to finish I really really started to like it. When she was completely finished I was so impressed! She did a great job. I really really love the length too. So anyways, Heres a picture :)

Cute, right? I hope so. I think it looks good, and it makes me look a little older (hopefully!!) Well, have a happy Wednesday everyone!


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