Monday, June 4, 2012

weddings, graduations and more weddings.

Oh hey. So we just got back from Vegas, it was a blast. We went because Chauncey's sister, Brittany, graduated from nursing school. One of my good friends, Eeerin, also got married that weekend. So we went to Brittany's pinning ceremony thursday, and to my friends wedding on friday. It was a really busy weekend, but overall it was fun. We love going to Vegas and visiting family, and visiting all my good friends from high school was a big plus, since I usually don't see them. So because I was dumb and didn't use my camera at all, I will use some of my friend, Kelli's photos from the weekend. Thanks for taking such awesome pictures Kelli!

I look kinda tired in this one, but that's okay, it's still cute :)

So yeah, that was a fun night. Now I have 2 good high school friends married, and another one getting married in just 11 days! Crazy... Anyways, love you girls!

So yeah, fun and busy weekend, now back to our normal lives. I hope everyone has a miraculous monday :)


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