Wednesday, July 11, 2012


okay for reals. I have not posted in a while. I'm sorry 'bout that. Anywayssssss, so sunday was my 21st birthday! Woot woot. It was a pretty good day, I got red toms from my hubby, and a lot of birthday money :) And I get "second birthday" this weekend when we go to vegas! Can't wait. Today I finally spent more time with Megan, we went shopping and she bought me birthday lunch at Kneader's (which is delicious). I also bought a lot of cute birthday clothes with my birthday money.

Also, Chauncey got a job! At L3 communications. He starts August 6th, and he will be working the swing shift (4 to midnight). We are so excited, I feel like everything is falling into place, we are very very blessed. Other than that nothing has really changed. We have just been enjoying the summertime of no school...So yeah! I will try to post more often.


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