Friday, October 25, 2013

It's been a while...

     Oh hey. Check out the blog title, seriously. I haven't posted since Chauncey's birthday. We have been so busy moving in, getting settled, I have school, Chauncey works 12 hour days...yeah, things are busy. However, they are also pretty amazing. I'm so happy, things are really going great for us. So here's what is new for us...

     Chauncey and I both received new callings in our new ward. Chauncey is a teacher in the Elder's Quorum, and I am the secretary in the primary presidency. I can't be surprised that I'm in the primary presidency again, but I do feel inadequate sometimes. I feel too young to be in presidency callings. Yet then again, I feel blessed. I really love being in primary. I love being around the kids, they all have such sweet spirits and I love seeing them learn.

     As for school and work, it's pretty much the same. School is still really busy, and this semester is the hardest I've had in a while. This semester is also the most productive I've felt in a while. I'm actually taking classes towards my major, I feel like I'm really working towards something, instead of just taking general education classes and feeling stuck. It's a good feeling. Chauncey still works at L-3, despite the lay-off scares we've had. He switched departments and works really hard, every day is a 12 hour day for him. I'm so grateful that I have a husband that works so hard. It is such a blessing.

     So, other than school and work there isn't much going on. We are just living life, it's fun and busy. So...until next time! (I'll try to post more.)


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