Monday, November 29, 2010

Give Thanks.

Well, last week we went to Vegas for Thanksgiving. I was really really really grateful that Chauncey's parents paid for both of us to fly down. They are so awesome. It was really fun to see my family, I've been missing them so much. It was also cool because I got to see Clay's parents, and his sister. Which was pretty fun. So first Chauncey came over to my house and we had the first dinner of the day. After a couple hours, we headed to his house and had a second dinner. To say the least, it was very very filling. That was a lot of food for one day. It was cool, because during dinner we talked a little about the temple. I had an epiphany during this, I realized that in two months, a little less actually, I'll be going through the temple for the first time. It's a big deal. So I want to be ready. It was really nice to think about going through the Temple...I won't go into it too much more, but it was a really really awesome epiphany. After we had our two dinners, we all went to Harry Potter. It was AWESOME. I loved it soooo much!! I can't wait until the second part comes out. I spent the night at Chauncey's parents house that night because the next morning we woke up early to get a tree. It was really fun to actually get a real tree. That night we decorated the tree. It was sad since Andrew wasn't there, but we all hung up his ornaments. So that was cool. I went back to my house that night, and I finally got to see Chase, I didn't get to see him at first since he was with Dad for thanksgiving. The next morning Chauncey and I met at the airport and flew home just in time to make it to the Utah VS Byu game. It was a really really intense game, but the U won, so it was all good. Then Chauncey and I went to Sushi to celebrate, then to a dollar movie. It was a good day. This weekend was really awesome, I was sad to see it end. Only a month left until I can see my family and soon to be family again though!! Wow, there is so much to be thankful for :)


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