Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

 I have a lot to write about. It's been a crazy couple of weeks! Chauncey and I were able to get a lot done for the wedding, which was nice because I think we were both stressing out a lot. We had the HARDEST time finding a cultural hall that would work with the decorator, but we finally found one this past week! I was so grateful because we had to get our invitations printed out so we could send them out in time, but we finally got it done so all is well. We also registered at Target and Bed Bath &Beyond. I found target a lot more fun to register at, I rode in the cart while Chauncey pushed me around and we just scanned whatever we felt like we needed. At Bed Bath & Beyond they didn't have carts and their scanner was weird and hard to figure out, but they did have way cool stuff. I registered for a red Kitchen-aide at both places and i'm REALLY hoping I get one. That would be so nice, that way i could make homemade bread a lot easier.
We were also able to get our Christmas shopping done, which was good because I was worried about finding gifts that everyone would like. It's a little different when your engaged, we're kinda playing Christmas out like we are already married, his family invited me over to spend the night on Christmas Eve and then open presents with them Christmas Morning. Afterwards, Chauncey and I will go to my parents house and open presents with them. My family doesn't start Christmas until One on the 25th because we don't get our Step Brothers until then. So it all worked out. Anyways, last weekend Chauncey and I went to Temple sq for our date to see the lights, we even got to see the MoTab Christmas concert!! It was magical! I'm not a fan of David Archuleta but it was still really really good. We also started decorating what will be our home! It was great, he lives in his grandparents basement, so it's like an apartment. We cleaned, hung pictures and moved stuff around, it's really starting to look like our own home. I love it! Chauncey also had an interview for an internship yesterday! We are all hoping that he will get it, it'll be a great opportunity if he does. After his interview I took him strait to the airport so he could fly home to Vegas. I don't leave til tomorrow, so I really miss him, but it won't e long until I get to see him, my family and my family-to-be! I can't wait :)

Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures from our date :)


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