Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happenings As Of Late.

Sorry for the absence, it has been so busy since Chauncey and I got married in February! Our wedding was magical of course, and we had a blast. Thank you EVERYONE who helped make it so great!

We went to San Clemente, CA for our honeymoon and we had a BLAST! It was a much needed vacation for us both. Chauncey had just finished a very tough semester at the U and I was getting stir-crazy after having a couple weeks off school. We had a cute little condo at a hotel, and it was only a short walk to the beach! We started off our week by taking a walk on the beach and checking out the boutique shops. We walked so much that day, it was ridiculous. We also ate at this AMAZING seafood restaurant right on the pier. They had great food and a great view, i loved it. Throughout the week we went to San Diego temple, Sea World, Downtown Disney, the beach and to some great restaurants.  We had such a great time, and it was a good bonding experience :)

Anyways, an update on us, we are currently living in Chauncey's grandparent's basement apartment. We are both going to school, Chauncey is at the U and I'm at the Business College. He'll be done with school in 2 semesters, and he is thinking about going to Grad school.  I'll be done with my associates degree next semester, but instead of going to the BC, I'll be taking my last class on BYU Independent Study, and taking an Education 1010 Class at SLCC so I can get a better idea of if I want to teach or not. If I do want to teach, I will go to the U and get a degree :) That's the plan for now.

Well, like I said we've been pretty busy with summer school and everything, but I should be in the blogging world more often.

Here's a picture from our Honeymoon :)

P.S. I'm SUPER excited/sad for the midnight showing of Harry Potter!! We are dressing up as Ginny and Harry. Expect a blog post on that in the near future!


Ducky said...

I can see your belly button! Scandalous! (;

Jenni Allene said...


Samantha Janeous said...

Erin told me you guys were going to be Harry and Ginny. I've been planning on being Hermione, so Erin said she'd be Ron. We're obviously the coolest group of friends ever!

Jenni Allene said...

Aw, now that is true friendship! Yes I'm so excited for tonight!!!

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