Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

Eek. Awkward Album Cover.

-Being the "new girl" at work.
-Having everyone talk about you behind your back. (at work)
 -Catching people talking about you behind your back "Oh...I'm sorry I walked in on your conversation...about me.." Yeah, not fun.
-Being the oldest hostess at Red Robin (maybe this is only awkward to me, but whatever.) Please make me a server soon!
-Trying to make new friends with the people in your classes. Those first few conversations are always weird, unless you instantly click or something.
 -Walking into class late. I hate that, I feel like everyone's eyes are watching me as I nervously/quickly find a seat, only to realize there's not one so I end up sitting on the stairs. Then having 5 different guys offer to give up their seat so I can sit there. Either they are being super nice/chivalrous or they just didn't notice my wedding ring.
-(this one isn't awkward, just sad) Hubby was sick last night. Poor hubby. He feels kinda better today, but I still made him take dayquil.

-Seeing Megan today! Yay!
-Being almost done with Training at Red Robin.
-Having the hostess that trained me talk to the manager about how I'm so awesome because I already have all the table numbers memorized. (yay for scoring points with the managers!)
- Hearing some really awesome news from one of my girlfriends from Vegas :)
- My Spanish class. It's super fun.
-Making new friends.
-getting to teach the little sunbeams in church with Chauncey. They're so cute :)
-Financial aid. Greatest thing ever.

Okay, That's it for this week. See you all later.


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