Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

(almost awkward and awesome fridays. Yay for late nights and not having anytime to blog :(..)

(Compliments of 9gag :))
-Forgetting to put on a  very important article of clothing before going to work. 
- Losing my ability to speak today, i messed up so many words in front of customers, they probably thought I was crazy or something, no guys I just temporarily lost my mind. 
-Being hit on by creepy old drunk men as they leave the restaurant. Uhm, thanks...but no.
- Spending most of my time looking at 9gag instead of studying for my spanish test. Like a boss.
- Gleeking. I thought that would be over after getting my braces off. I guess not.

 -Getting more hours at work, yay!!
-Tomorrow is friday. YAY.
- Celebrating one year of happiness with my hubby this weekend. :)
- getting to take a bath tomorrow night. I love baths, we don't have a bathtub so i never get to take a bath. I'm so excited.
-Sushi. We are getting sushi tomorrow. Can't wait.
-Not working friday OR saturday. This will be a nice, much needed break.


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