Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little notes

I'm going to try something new, i've noticed that I have been only posting on thursdays because of Awkward and Awesome, but i need to post more. So maybe I'll make Wednesday "little notes" day (thanks to a few blogs out there who have given me this idea :)

one of my favorite pictures of us, i don't know why.

Dear Hubby,
thank you for all your advice, hugs and kisses to get me through this week. You're amazing.

Dear School,
just...ugh. just let me take a breath. (yay for spring break coming up)

Dear Work,
i feel we are in a love/hate relationship. I want it to be more of a love relationship, so i'll work harder at it if you do. Also, you make me baby happy because of all the families with babies that constantly come into Red Robin. I want a baby :(

 Dear Megan,
i cannot wait to see you today! You're my  best friend and I am so excited for our much needed girls day :) i love you!

Dear Family,
I'm glad we are talking more, I look forward to the family reunion so we can spend time together.

Dear Brother Staples (institute teacher)
You may never read this, but your lessons give me faith that everything will work out. Thank you for your inspirational messages, your classes are sometimes the best parts of my Mondays and Wednesdays, even though I just barely started attending.
Dear Vegas friends,
I miss you guys. I miss our girls nights, I miss the fun we've had. I cannot believe that we have grown up so fast, I'm married, Eeerin will be married soon..It's crazy. I want to hang out with you guys again, I hope that time comes soon!

Dear Self,
Don't get discouraged, there's a lot going on right now but it'll just make you stronger. Keep having faith that things will work out


Samantha Janeous said...

I miss you and our girls nights, too :(

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