Friday, July 19, 2013

Jimmy Eat World

          Last night was one of the coolest nights ever! I went to my very first concert. What an experience! It was seriously awesome. I always liked Jimmy Eat World. They are definitely in my top 5 favorite bands.

My Top Five Bands:
1.The Format
2.Jimmy Eat World
3. Jack's Mannequin
5.Imagine Dragons

(Jack's mannequin was #2 before last night, but Jimmy Eat World took their place after seeing them live)

           At first I was nervous, I had never been to a concert and I usually don't like loud situations or feeling crowded. I quickly got over this once the opening act (X-ambassadors, they were surprisingly really great) played their last two songs. Chauncey had found us a spot right up close to the stage. I could reach out and touch it if the security guard wasn't there. I then started to get even more excited once they started setting up the stage for Jimmy Eat World. When they came out everyone screamed and clapped. At first I was pretty quiet, but then they started playing songs like "work", "futures", "crush", "a praise chorus", "bleed american",  and "let it happen" (just to name a few). Once I heard "Futures" I started screaming along (I couldn't really hear myself singing, so I started screaming along with everyone else). Soon enough I was jumping up and down and dancing. If you know me, this behavior is SO unlike me. I am usually really shy and I don't like dancing or bringing attention to myself. But I didn't care, I loved knowing pretty much their whole setlist and being able to sing along. Being so close to the stage and feeling the music pound in my chest was the coolest feeling.  And you know what? Seeing them live in concert and screaming/singing along with pretty much all their songs they played made me like them even more! Of course they had to play "The Middle" and "Hear You Me". I wouldn't be surprised if they sang those at every concert. One of my favorite moments was when they did a cover of a Taylor Swift song. At first I was thinking I know this song...what is it? Chauncey was like "Isn't this Taylor Swift?" I said "no, it can't be!" Because they were seriously making this song sound SO GOOD. Guess what song it was? "We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together." Crazy right? Sorry T-Swift, they did a WAY better job and they actually made that song enjoyable. I would totally buy it if they released it.
       Anyways, this post is getting a little long so i'll share the pictures now. I just want to say that my first concert was awesome, and I'm so glad that I chose to see Jimmy Eat World. I always knew I liked them, but seeing them live made me like them even more. :)


See how close we were?!

X-Ambassadors, the lead singer played SO MANY instruments! He's the one playing the saxophone, oh and their pianist was blind. They were way cool. 


Encore Set! It was really fun to chant "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!" With the crowd before they came out the second time.

Here's a compilation of a few videos I took. 
First is "Hear you me" then "We are Never ever getting back together" and finally "work." They were off my phone so it's not the best quality, and it sounded way better in person, but the video is still pretty cool.


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