Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I decided to start a blog. I figured "hey, everyone else is doing it. so I might as well." No, I didn't really think that, because I don't use that phrase ever in my life. Okay anyways, so this blog won't just be about me and Chauncey, though I suppose it will focus a lot on our engagement, considering that will planning the wedding will most likely be the most exciting thing I do in the next four months. So I'm pretty excited about marrying my best friend, just saying.
So this is how he asked me....
We went to temple sq for our Friday night date, and he had a roll of pennies, so we threw them into the reflection pool and made wishes out loud (this was actually something we said we would do on our first date, but never got around to it, so I was excited. And no, i was not expecting him to propose!) so we are making the wishes, most of them focusing on marriage. Once we got done with the roll of pennies he pulled out two gold dollars, he made his wish and said "I wish I can be everything you want and need me to be to enter into the celestial kingdom" then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, of course I cried and said yes. I was so happy! So then he gets up, and we hug and whatnot, then he turns me around and smiles really big, and says "K smile for the camera!" I was like, what? but there was this lady, taking pics and videotaping. She looked kinda weird with her black hair, so Chauncey goes, "do you know who that is?" I was like, "uh, no..." and he goes, "that's my mom!!" You can actually hear me say on the video, "No it's not!!" But yeah, it was his Mom, she had a wig on, his dad was even funnier, he had a mustache on that covered some of his mouth and went down to his chin, it was pretty funny. So yeah, we have it documented, which is nice.
So that was pretty much one of the best days ever.
I love my life :) and my fiancé!


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