Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Fun

Well, Last week was fall break for Chauncey. Lucky duck, I don't get a fall break. Want to know why?? Because BYU is lame and the schools affiliated with BYU (IE LDS Business College) don't get fall breaks. Stupid. Anyways, he had fall break, but still spent a fair amount of time at school. That weekend we decided to go to Vegas to see our families. It was a lot of fun. I really miss his sister, Brittany. We had become pretty close, then she moved back down to Vegas. So I spent the night there the first night we got there (Thursday) and we hung out and talked. It was a lot of fun, and nice to have some girl time. The next day Chauncey and I hung out and put together three Disney puzzles! It was fun. Then we had dinner with his family, his mom cut his hair, and he took me home to see my family. He stayed and visited with us then went back home. It was really good to see my family, I've missed them so much. Although this weekend was fun, it was also kind of stressful. The wedding planning is going great, there's just so much to do!! I'm really excited though, we picked out bridesmaids dresses for Brittany and Cassi (Chauncey's other sister) and Alyssa (my cousin). So that was good. Saturday was Cassi's birthday, so Chauncey and I went with her to the dew tour, that was a lot of fun. I forgot how much I miss motocross. I took so many pictures, and we got so much free stuff, or "swag" as Chauncey calls it. Overall, it was a good weekend. I was kind of sad to see it end though. I really wanted to spend more time in Vegas. I love spending time with my family, and my soon to be family.
On a side note, Chauncey and I are going to get our engagement pictures taken this coming Saturday. I'm really excited about that. It should be a lot of fun. After that we are going to the U game. Go Utes!! I love my Utes. We are dominating this season!
Anyways, I love my life, my friends, my family and my handsome fiancĂ©!  :)


Shelly said...

Oooo that sounds like a ton of fun!

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