Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter Already??

        Well, it's that time of year again. Time for snow. It's not even Halloween yet. This UT weather is driving me nuts. oh well. At least snow is pretty, kind of. Anyways, enough complaining about this lame Utah weather.
         Last weekend Chauncey and I went to a birthday/costume party for his friend Adam. We were going to be masquerade people but we didn't have the right outfit, so we had to think of something quick. Jokingly I suggested something that would play on our age difference (which is 6 and a half years.) My idea was a joke, I was not serious. Chauncey thought it was hilarious so we actually went through with it...Are you ready? We went as a pedifile and a little girl. It was pretty funny, Chauncey wore an old man's suit and a creepy mustache, and weird glasses. I wore a skirt from the girls section at target (it was actually a decent length) and knee high socks. To complete the look, i had put my hair in pig tails and he had candy to give me every so often. It was really funny and everyone got a kick out of it.
        The next day, we took our engagement pictures, it was raining so we didn't do many outside, which made me sad. We started off at Garden Park Ward, which was gorgeous! But we only got like 15 pictures in, then it started raining and the photographer couldn't take any more pictures because the camera was focusing on the rain. So we went to the Capitol to try to finish the shoot. It's really pretty there, but the inside is all the same, and you can't really do any fun stuff because the setting is so serious. After we took about 20 ish pictures I asked myself if it had stopped raining. We went outside to check, and Hallelujah it wasn't raining anymore!! I was so happy, so we went to memory grove to finish the photo shoot. We got some really cute pictures in and I'm really excited to see them. 
        After we got our engagement pictures taken, we went to the U game. We were playing Colorado state. I had to get a friend's student ID because I didn't want to pay 20 bucks to get in. So as we are walking back from doing that, it started pouring. I only had a fleece hoodie, and Chauncey had on a long sleeve shirt under his Muss shirt. By the time we got back to the stadium we were soaked, and freezing. The first half of the game was miserable, we were both shaking because it was so cold. My feet hurt because my vans soaked up all the water and they were practically frozen. During half time Chauncey bought us hot chocolate. That was nice, it warmed me up. Another thing that helped was the fact that it stopped raining halfway through the second quarter. So that was good. The game itself was way fun, of course the U won. That was exciting. The score was 59-6. Poor Colorado state. They got crushed. The next home game is against TCU. It's going to be a close game. 
       I'm really excited for this weekend, my family and Chauncey's family will be coming into town! Yay! Wedding plans, Halloween and family time. It'll be way awesome :) 
       I love my life :]


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