Wednesday, April 4, 2012

little notes

dear hubby,
you're so good to me, i honestly don't know what i would do without you. also, i cannot wait for you to graduate! i'm so proud of you.

dear general conference,
i need to watch the sessions i missed, but i learned a lot from what i heard, i'm so glad we get to listen twice a year.

dear school,
i wish i had a little longer with you to bump up my grades, but at the same time, i just wish you would end.

dear summer,
i cannot wait for you to come! hubby and i won't have school so we will have PLENTY of time to spend time outside :)

dear imaginary car that i keep picturing in my mind,
please become real, i just want a second car so bad. i'm sick of the uta!

dear work,
stop scheduling me during my unavailability! wtf.

dear megan,
we need to see eachother soon. i miss you.

dear family,
i loved seeing you all this weekend, it was so much fun and i cannot wait for Chauncey's graduation so we can see eachother again.


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