Wednesday, April 11, 2012

little notes

dear hubby,
you've been sick a lot lately, it's making me sad :( i hope you start feeling better soon! I love you so much, thanks for being so awesome to me. also, i'm so proud of you for graduating this spring. you are such a great example to me and you constantly push me to be my very best. thank you for that. also, we need to take more pictures.

dear school,
i feel like i'm finally on top of my assignments, and its close to the end of the semester. oh well.

dear megan,
congrats on graduation from the BC this week! i'm so excited for you, and i'm really glad you are staying here for the summer.

dear readers,
thanks for coming and reading my blog. you guys rock. also, i don't know if you've ever heard of swagbucks, but my parents have been trying to get me to use it for forever. i promise, it's not a scam. i did a lot of research on it before i joined. it's just a way to get free stuff (amazon gift cards, itunes gift cards and tons more), by doing what you would normally do on the computer. so if you're interested go to swagbucks and check it out :)

dear springtime,
welcome to Utah! i am so excited to finally have you around, i've missed your warm spring breeze, and the warm rain. Winter was really starting to bog me down.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I do my little notes on Monday as well :) Loving your blog! I have used swag bucks, don't do it as much as I should but I have some points logged in somewhere! haha

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