Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Awesome

So last night I was working, and something really awesome/random happened. This guy comes up to me and gives me five bucks. First, I'm like uhh....I can't take that. (Also because I was embarrassed that someone was tipping me for hostessing.) Then my manager just nodded, indicating I should take it. So the guy kept holding it out to me so I took it. He said it was for being a good sport or something (he was joking with me A LOT last night, i didn't mind, i thought it was entertaining.) So yeah, my first tip. It was pretty cool/random.

Another thing that happened this week that was awesome, I got a good grade on my spanish test! I usually do pretty bad on the in class tests because I get so nervous, but this time I took my time, I studied WAY harder than I ever have, and I wrote out some notes on the test sheet while they were fresh in my mind. I walked out after feeling as if I failed, but no I PASSED, with a decent grade no less. I was so excited :)

Something else that was awesome, I won another blog giveaway! This time it was at WindyCItyKnits. They make awesome scarfs and other knitted items. I won a skinny scarf, and i could choose the color out of 20 different colors. I was pretty excited :)

I chose the green (11)

So those are just the few awesome things that happened this week. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic friday!


Samantha Larsen said...

OH! I wouldn't be able to choose! I like 5, 11, 12, 16, 18, and 20!!

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