Thursday, March 22, 2012

awkward and awesome thursdays

-the drama that has been going on at work. i swear sometimes people make some really dumb decisions.
- the conversations that go on with some people after they find out that i'm married and only 20. get over it. i'm young and i am married, big deal.
-leggings and pants. i know i say this like all the time. but seriously, they aren't pants and you will look stupid and awkward if you wear them as pants. (see picture above.)
- the moment when you realize its 3 in the afternoon and you're still in sweats and you  haven't really moved from that one spot on the couch. yeah. that's me right now.
-talking to people that clearly do not like you and they act like everything is fine. uh i know you dislike me, so don't be fake around me.
-a little sunbeam at church calling chauncey "papa". okay it was a little cute, actually really cute but kinda awkward at the same time, you know?
-knowing that you will cry during a movie that you haven't even seen yet. (does anyone else feel this way about the hunger games? or am i just a crybaby?)

- hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 hours!!!
-the soundtrack to the hunger games. so good.
- seeing my parents this week, it was a short but good visit.
-doing some deep cleaning in the kitchen and throwing away things that have been there since i met chauncey. it feels good to have a thoroughly clean kitchen.
- teaching the sunbeams. it is so rewarding to see them learn and grow.
this blog post (really though, the whole blog is great. love it). thank you for saying everything that i've been wanting to see about this dilemma. you rock. (that is also where i got that awesomely awkward picture above.)


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