Friday, March 23, 2012

okay, so last night i saw the hunger games with the hubby at midnight. (do not read this if you have not seen the movie! i don't want to spoil it.)

overall, it was pretty good. but i think my expectations were a little high. i have been pumped about this movie since i found out they were making it. i tried not to watch clips in hope that i wouldn't ruin those special moments (rue dying, the reaping, etc). anyways, i tried not to judge when katniss didn't get the pin from madge (who isn't even in the movie) and i tried to be cool when she looked like a freakin' super model in the woods (when everyone else in district 12 was exactly how i pictured them, dirty, skinny, poor, etc). i thought the casting was freaking fantastic. loved everyone in it. her relationship with her mother was spot on, as well as her relationship with gale and peeta (love him). the unfortunate thing about the movie overall was that they sped through it. i couldn't even have feelings during some parts because they rushed through. they didn't necessarily rush for rue's death, which i appreciated. i thought that part in the book was beautifully tragic, and i was going to be so mad if they messed that up. I also felt that they left a lot out. so much...and at the end i didn't even feel like clapping with everyone else. A lot of these feelings came because we had obnoxious losers sitting in front of us and behind us. for example, when they shot back to gale during those tender moments between katniss and peeta the guy in front of us yelled (ohhh look it's jacob all over again) and i'm like really? really dude? don't even dare compare this story or any of the characters to twilight. (though i know he enjoyed some of the movie, he was totally crying with everyone else when rue died.) and then the guys behind us were making snide comments the whole time. i would never do that in a movie premiere. even if you don't like the movie, just respect of the other fans who paid good money to come and see it. if it's in the dollar theater, or there's not a lot of people around us i'm going to talk to chauncey and make comments on what we do or don't like, but not in a movie premiere. anyways, over all it was good, i definitely want to see it again, and own it, i just wish they didn't rush through everything.

i hope that didn't change anyone's view on the movie, like i said, i liked it. there were just some parts where i felt could have been done better. the book was so good, i just wanted the movie to be equally good. (but we all know how hard it is to turn books into movies.)


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