Monday, March 12, 2012

Please no.

These are some things that girls (or guys, but that would be a sad, pathetic sight) should just say no to:

-leggings as pants. Leggings are not, nor will they ever be pants. Ever. Even if you have a "nice" body, just say no.
- Mini skirts and leggings. Why did that even become a thing? It's not like wearing leggings will making your outfit more modest. 
-Sweats in public. Even if they are "cute" sweats (such as victoria's secret sweats). I would say the only exception would be if you're taking an exercise class or if you're traveling (in a car, not a plane). Maybe if you're like sick and have to go to that one class. But otherwise, please don't make it a habit.
- Uggs. They are awful awful shoes. Just don't.
- Crocs. Never. Please don't.
- Only wearing tank tops and having your bra show....If you don't want to be modest then fine, but at least keep it classy.

Anyways, those are just a few things that bug me, fashion wise. so yeah. If you do any of these things, i apologize. But really. Okay, have a Miraculous Monday!


Whitney said...

One more exception to sweatpant rule: Sweats = ok if youre a mom having a bad day or behind on laundry. I agree they look not so great but someday when youre a mom and have two (or any) sick children coughin, crying, puking, and snotting on you all day there is no point in wearing nice clothes that are just to be ruined. And if you need to get milk (which inevitably you will! :)) you will choose to wear sweats in public and just be glad you make it out of the store with said children alive and sane. lol

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