Wednesday, March 21, 2012

little notes

dear hubby,
you are pretty much my favorite. i love that when i have bad dreams you wake me up and cuddle with me so i feel better. you're so good to me.

dear hunger games,
tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, tomorrow! you're only a dayyyyyy awwayyyyyyyyyyyyy. yep, that's right, hunger games tomorrow night!! i can't wait to see you.

dear rude person,
i do not appreciate you telling me the divorce rates in people that get married young. i am aware of them, but i do not need to hear them from you. especially since i hardly know you. get a life.

dear mom, clay and morma,
it was so great seeing you yesterday, even though our visit was short it was fun. i love you guys and can't wait to see you for the family reunion.

dear allergies,
go awayyyy. you make sleeping, cleaning, eating, and everything else so hard because i'm constantly sneezing.

dear spring,
come faster, i need the warm weather!


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