Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Cheer

So last night was the first night this week that I was actually able to spend time with my Hubby. He's so busy with school and work lately that I really haven't seen him. So last night he came home in time to watch our Thursday night shows (i don't know if you guys are NBC fans like us, but can you believe that Whitney is staying while Community gets benched?? What's up with that?! I'm semi-happy about 30 rock coming back, but i think they should've kept Community. The only reason it wasn't getting a ton of viewers was because it was competing with Big Bang, they just needed to get rid of Whitney and change the time. Okay, enough of my angry ranting about NBC's poor choices.) Anyways...Last weekend we bought a gingerbread house, we were going to make it for FHE but things came up and last night was the first night Chauncey was home before midnight. So we had dinner together, watched our shows and spent some much needed quality time. We listened to Mo-tab Christmas music and made our ginger bread house!

Our gingerbread house includes an evil snowman, a cute gingerbread man with a sideways mohawk, and a Christmas tree. So yeah, that was fun :) Here are some pictures!

Hopefully you can tell that the evil snowman is the one with the red eyes.


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