Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reasons Why....

My hubby is the most wonderful hubby ever.

1. He loves me, even when I'm at my worst.
2. He's my best friend, and he's always finding ways to help me or make me smile.
3. He's so darn creative (Hello, he made a Thor hammer in welding.)
4. He respects me. (I've been with losers who don't, and its so nice that Chauncey does.)
5. He has a great sense of humor!
6. He has a strong testimony and loves the gospel.
7. He's such a good example in pretty much everything he does. (School, work, church. He's so amazing.)
8. He is awesome with children, so I know he'll be a great father.
9. He's so good looking!! (okay, this one is kinda shallow, but good looking men are always a plus ;))
10. Two words: green eyes.
11. He always finds ways to make me smile when i'm sad.
12. We have similar interests.
13. He introduces me to new things.
14. He's so supportive!
15. He's just a good guy, there's no doubt about that.

I was just thinking last night how grateful i am for Chauncey and all he does for me. I thank Heavenly Father for him daily, and I'm so excited to spend eternity with him.

Sorry for getting all mushy back there, I just had to say all of that. Anyways, i hope everyone is having an Wonderful Wednesday (even though it's almost over.)

P.S. Last week during volunteering I was helping these three kids with vocabulary and spelling. I was really getting frustrated because i felt like they weren't quite understanding. Anyways, I left feeling really sad about it. The next week Whitney (the teacher i volunteer for) emailed me and thanked me because those boys that I worked with all got higher scores on their vocab test for that week. It made me feel really good :) I can't wait to be a teacher.


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