Saturday, December 17, 2011

My "sexy voice"

Yes, according to Chauncey I now have a "sexy voice". Lately I've had this awful cough and a bunch of congestion. Because of coughing and all the yuckiness going on, I've had a raspy voice that is on and off depending on how bad my cough is. I hate it. So yeah, just thought I would share that with you guys.

Also, last night we went to Sushi to celebrate Chauncey being done with school. (it would've been better if he was ACTUALLY done, he is doing an extra credit lab today with a friend...So yeah, almost done.) We went with his study buddies and their wives, it was a really fun quadruple date. I've said this in a previous post, we don't go out with other couples very often, so this was really good for us. And I got sushi twice in one month! That never happens. This sushi place wasn't as good as others though. It's called Simply Sushi, they have all you can eat sushi and pretty cheap prices, which is nice...but I've had better. Their ginger was tasteless, it did not clean my pallet at all, and their wusabi was weak. But I won't complain anymore because over all it wasn't bad. I even surprised his friends at how much I ate (Gareth, one of Chauncey's study buddies joked that I was only half a person, so I wouldn't eat that much.)

Anyways, I should go, I have lots to do while Chauncey is gone, and I have to get ready so we can go Christmas shopping as soon as Chauncey comes home. Wish us luck! (Shopping a week before Christmas on a Saturday is kinda scary, there are some pretty crazy people out there.


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