Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

So as I was planning out my schedule a few weeks ago, I realized I only had 11 credits. That wouldn't work with financial aid, so I started looking for another FUN class that I could take. Unfortunately SLCC didn't offer what I wanted to take (ceramics, I took it in high school and loved it! but they only offered that in fall semester. Lame.) Anyways, I kept looking....and looking....and looking. Until finally i found the exercise classes! they are each one credit, which was perfect. I tried getting into yoga (i love yoga. so relaxing) but of course those were all full, along with pilates. I really didn't want to take jogging (i don't like running, ever.) And some of the others just sounded weird. I was reaching the end of the list, and I was also starting to lose hope for finding a fun class to take. That's when I saw it, this class definitely caught my eye. So I signed up for it (just to save my spot until i found something else that interested me more). After talking to Chauncey, I decided it would be fun to just take the class. It's so different and maybe it'll make me a better dancer (also fix my shyness about dancing). Okay I bet you all are wondering what it is (only my family and Megan know that I'm taking it)...Anyways, drum roll please....................belly dancing. That's what the class is. Interesting, right? Time to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. So wish me luck in this endeavor, its so different than anything i've done before, but i'm excited! I'm sure you guys will hear more about it when I start taking it.


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